Old Fashioned Baby Pattern Size Information

Old Fashioned Baby Patterns are designed to give baby the greatest comfort and freedom of movement.

Our patterns have been sized following the goverment standard for the average weight of a baby.  Although our patterns may vary slightly , they all follow this guidline.

The information about baby weights shown below was taken from goverment charts at the Center of Disease Control

Newborn - 7 lbs 10 oz.

3 Months - about 14 lbs  (example of avg. -  all the weights ranged from low of 11 lbs up to 16 lbs and 14 lbs. was the average they gave)

6 Months - 17 1/2 lbs

9 Months - 19 1/2 lbs

12 Months - 21 lbs 

The information about baby weights below was taken from a popular Ready to Wear size chart - our patterns do not use this guidline but it is useful to compare

Newborn - 5 to 8 lbs, 

0 to 3 Months  - 8  to 12 1/2 lbs

6 Months - 12 1/2 to 16 lbs.

12 Months - 20 1/2 to 24 1/2 lbs.

Because the weight and body type of  each baby is individual, the garment will be larger on some babies and smaller on others.  And because a baby will grow rapidly during the first months, a garment that is sized Infant to 18 lbs. will be large on a Newborn baby.  This is to be expected. It is a modern idea to have garments fit perfectly on a baby. They are designed to be loose and comfortable.   If a daygown fits the average baby perfectly at birth, it is unlikely to fit at 6 weeks of age.  Most women do not want to sew a Daygown to fit for such a short time frame.

It is always best to measure your baby's neck and arm because a 3 month old baby of average weight can have a larger than average neck or arm size.  You can adjust the neck and arm to fit your own baby but remember no one, baby especiallly,  is happy if they are too small.

Better Fit for Special Occasions

*  Use a Raglan sleeve style pattern because the is no real "fit" in the shoulders.  Old Fashioned Baby has Raglan style patterns for Daygowns, Baby Dresses and Christening Gowns

* Smock the sleeve - smocking has give and will grow with the baby if you do not smock too tight.  I recommend the Two Step Wave.

* Finish the sleeve with Beading - You will be able to pull up the ribbon to fit the arm or  wrist of baby.

Christening Gown - Athough old Christening Gowns often had a string at the neck to adjust it, that is a dangerous practice.  You should never put anything at the neck that can be pulled up tightly around baby's neck.

Sizing a Christening Gown - Remember that you are making this to be an Heirloom.  If the gown is made small to fit the baby who will be Christened at 3 weeks of age, it is unlikely to fit future babies. Many babies are Christened or Dedicated at 3 to 6 months or even later.

* Use a needle to thread 4 strands of floss through each hole of the entredeux at the neck and pull up to make the neck temporarily smaller.  Be sure to tie off the entredeux so it can not  be pulled up when baby is wearing it.

* Leave the buttons off and stitch a wider back placket that can be adjusted larger or smaller to fit the baby that is being Christened.  Close with Beauty Pins or snaps.

* Use the sleeve ideas above.

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