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Antique Button Card, 4 hole- Circa 1914
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Antique Button Card, 4 hole- Circa 1914
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Four hole, Antique Mother of Pearl  buttons on original card.  Made Circa 1900 to 1914.  Prior to WW1 in Austria.  This Button card has 1 gross buttons hand sewn onto a card.  1 gross = 12 dozen or 144 buttons.  This was how they were sold to garment makers at that time.

Price of $80.00.  That makes them 6.66 per dozen and about 55 cents per button.

Almost 3/8" wide - perfect size for Daygowns.  I like to use them to embroider a Bullion flower in the buttons.  Perfectly even holes.  Very nice Buttons.  Limited supply. 



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