Copyright Information

Old Fashioned Baby Patterns are intended for the personal use of the purchaser (home sewer) to sew garments.  Make them for gifts and for family and friends.  Use them, sew baby clothes with  them and dress every baby you know in my old fashioned baby clothes!!

You can purchase a pattern and pay someone else to make the garment for your personal use or to give as gifts.

However, all of  The Old Fashioned Baby Patterns and Designs have a copyright on them. They belong exclusively to me.  That means no part of the pattern , design, illustrations or instruction can be reproduced in any form, unless I personally give you written permission.  You can not copy them even to give them away or share them.  

You can not use them for profit.  That means you can not purchase a pattern, make a garment from it and sell the garment for any amount of money.

If you have a home sewing bussiness,  just tell your customer to purchase the pattern they want you to make.  Then make it and charge for the construction and materials.  

You can not use any part of my pattern to make your own designs and then sell the designs or garments made using any part of the design or pattern. 

You can not claim as your own any design you have made using any part of my pattern or design without giving credit to The Old Fashioned Baby.

I have spent a great deal of my time and resources to design, draft and print The Old Fashioned Baby patterns.  I want you to love them and use them and I appriciate your support.  I am tickled pink when I see a baby in my designs!!  Thankyou,  Jeannie Baumeister

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